Comfort footwear

Your feet must support you all your life

Walking and movement are the basis of a good life. The moment your mobility is challenged, there are noticeable reductions in your quality of life. Therefore, we should all focus on our feet, and the factor that is crucial to the development of your feet is your choice of footwear.

Shock absorption

If your shoes do not filter the hard shocks from the surface, you will get tired and tender faster.

New Feet has the best shock absorption system on the market. It is based on our Protektor® insoles, which are the core of New Feet footwear. New Feet uses a 6 mm Protektor® insole in almost all our footwear.

Shock absorption
What is a shank?

A good walking posture is dependent on a good fit and proper construction

There are many factors that affect your walking.

The shape of your footwear should match your foot - there should be no hindrances to your big toe bending correctly when you push off with your foot. That is why it is important that the last fits you.

The outsole of the shoe must have the flexibility in the forefoot that suits you. Therefore, New Feet has many different types of soles to choose from. See more about outsoles here. If your walking is made difficult by inappropriate footwear - then it is not only your feet that get problems - many injuries to hips and knees are due to poor walking posture.

Materials are important

The materials we use in our footwear have a lot to do with appearance, but it is also important that there is flexibility and stability in the right places. Here, thin leather and incorrectly used textiles will often be to blame for the footwear not supporting you properly.

Materials are important

New Feet makes the most comfortable footwear on the market. Do not neglect your well-being by choosing inapproriate footwear