Choosing the right size can always be difficult. It may also be that you choose a different size depending on whether it is a sandal, a shoe or boot. A really good idea is to take the insole out and place your foot on top. In this way you can easily check if it is the right size. The sole should be about 8-10 mm longer than your foot. You need to remember that your feet get longer as you walk. New Feet uses many different lasts to achieve diversity in the fit.


New Feet uses different lasts. We have divided them into slim (S) Medium (M) and Wide (W). Our last are wide and have more room compared to other shoes, so a narrow last in last group S is wide in relation to common footwear. Be aware that shoes with Orthostretch® provide extra room. It is always a good idea to take the sole out of the footwear and place your foot on top to see if it is long and wide enough for your foot.

The different types of skins and leather are an organic material and therefore need care. This applies to calfskin, suede, nubuck, oiled skin and goatskin. All should be impregnated before use - we recommend impregnation with oil and WITHOUT silicone. You can also apply a neutral leather grease which gives them a nice glow. They get a little darker right after the treatment, but it evens out afterwards. It is also important to take care of your footwear on an ongoing basis, so that they get a little grease and do not dry out.

It is also a good idea to impregnate textile footwear (mesh) and knitwear before they are used, so they are more dirt-repellent. You will need a product designed for synthetic and textile materials.

No, we do not sell directly to you as an end user - we sell our footwear through our qualified resellers.

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Yes, you can take the sole out of ALL our footwear. This also applies to sandals. They are attached with velcro and are therefore attached more firmly in shoes and boots. A good trick is to take hold of the middle of the sole (at the arch) and then loosen the toe or heel.

Yes, all our soles can be washed by hand. Do not machine wash. Take the sole out of the footwear and use, for example, a mild detergent in lukewarm water. Use a cloth or brush and clean the sole. It is a really good idea to rinse off with clean water to finish so you remove any soap residue. Dry well with a towel and then lay them to air dry. It is important that they are completely dry before putting them in your footwear again.

Feet are different and therefore they are made extra long for those who, for example, have swollen feet, high instep or the like. The excess can be cut off. See here

You can easily shorten your velcro straps if they are too long. Use good scissors - feel free to cut in the seam on the section that is be be removed - in this way you have something to following, so you keep a good distance to the seam that is on the next section and you can round it off in a nice way. If you are in doubt about how to cut, then look here:

You are also always welcome to stop by one of our relsellers if you are in doubt about how to cut the strap.