Shoes that feel like new feet

Shoes that feel like new feet

New Feet offers footwear for sensitive feet

Built on orthopaedic craftsmanship for the conscious user, who puts health first

Remember that your feet are your body's foundation

- they must support you all your life



Read about our background and attitudes to the production of footwear

Sensitive feet

In this section you can read about what problems you can get with your feet.

Our technologies


How do we make our footwear and what technologies do we use



There are many considerations how to choose footwear.

From Facebook follower

"It is important for me to take care of myself so that I can keep following my passion in my work - for many years to come. The unique soft soles give me the feeling of freedom and light feet - day after day."

The latest shoe collection provides benefits for sensitive feet

Escape from your daily routine. Feel the desire for freedom and get lost in search of the simple life

Like a glove for your foot

At New Feet, we place great demands on our materials and we call stretch OrthoStretch™ as it is flexible in all directions and lives up to our strict durability requirements.