OrthoStretch®, types of leather and materials

The development of footwear is closely linked with access to the latest components and materials. That is why New Feet works closely with some of the market's most innovative component manufacturers.


We use only premium solid colour leather. The leather is soft and flexible and tanned according to EU directives for the discharge of dyes and chemicals.

Micro fibre, etc.

In addition to our soft leather, we now also use skin-friendly micro fibre - the material is very durable and water-repellent, and it is sustainably certified in the same way as our textiles and mesh.


We use felted wool for most of our indoor footwear. The wool is felted so that it is extra durable. Several of the colour variants are obtained by sorting the wool in the sheep's natural colours.



A special feature of footwear with OrthoStretch® is that the footwear has extra flexibility in the forefoot. OrthoStretch® is like a glove for your foot.

All feet are differentTherefore, New Feet footwear must be able to adjust to your individual needs. Footwear with stretch is extremely comfortable, and can be worn by anyone who values comfort.

High comfort

Do you want footwear where nothing pinches, but you still have the feeling that the shoe fits well without being tight - then OrthoStretch® is the perfect choice.


Feet with bunions need room, but at the same time, you need footwear that fits your foot well. OrthoStretch® provides flexibility around the bunion.

Hammer toes

A foot with hammer toes needs plenty of room over the toes. OrthoStretch® gives room without having to design the footwear with extra height.


People with diabetes need to pay close attention to their feet. OrthoStretch® follows the movements of the foot and reduces the risk of hard skin and pressure injuries.