Protektor® - effective shock absorption

New Feet uses Protektor® technology for shock absorption. The material we use for shock absorption is the original PPT®, which we have the exclusive right to use in footwear. PPT® has for many years been the most sought after material for shock absorption in the orthopaedic world. The material has the best specifications for elasticity and longevity, and together with OnSteam® lining, it has superb moisture transport properties.

We place the most important part of the shock absorption inside the shoe - as close to the foot as possible. We use a 6 mm Protektor® insole in almost all our footwear. The outsole also plays a role in the shock absorption, but it can never contribute enough in itself, as it must also function as a stable starting point.

You will find Protektor® inside the shoe


The most important shock absorption is inside the shoe, where a 6mm Protektor® sole protects your foot from strain injuries.


We also sell removeable soles to improve your existing footwear:

Feels like new feet