New Feet Korrector® is a corrective insert that straightens your ankle so that you get a more optimal gait. Korrektor® counteracts over-pronation, which often causes pain around the lump and pain in the forefoot. Malpositions in the foot also often cause problems for the ankle, knee, hip and lower back.


If you dont treat the over-pronation, you will by time have complications like:

  • Bunions
  • Hammer-toes
  • Pain in the forefoot
  • Heel pain
  • Incorrect walking pattern • Pain in lower back and hip

Versions of Korrektor®

Korrektor® comes in several versions. Depending of your level of over-pronation - there will be a Korrektor® for you.


  • 200-1 Korrektor®
  • 200-2 Korrektor® Soft ¾

The Soft version is built as a sandwich with a correction orthotics with a 3 mm PPT schock absorbing layer on top. It feels soft and comfortable and is not lifting as efficient as the other Korrektors. Available as full size or 3⁄4 insole.


  • 200-21 Korrektor® Medium ¾

The Medium version is made of foam with medium density. Available as 3⁄4 insole.


  • 200-22 Korrektor® High ¾

The High version is made of more firm foam with higher density. Available as 3⁄4 insole.


  • 200-32 Korrektor® Slim ¾

The Slim version is a slimmer version of the High. Available as 3⁄4 insole and is suitable for narrow or open footwear.