Sustainable lifestyle


Today, thinking in terms of sustainability is natural for many people. At New Feet, we are very concerned about the world we leave behind. We strive to make our footwear with as high a degree of sustainability as possible, without compromising our overall goal - to make extremely comfortable shoes that give you and your feet protection.



When we design our shoes, we naturally take into account the trend of the time. However, it is also important for us to design footwear that does not go out of date before they get scruffy or worn-out. We always use quality materials, for example, strong solid coloured leather, which helps to give you a lovely shoe for a long time.

Made in the EU

Our footwear is made in the EU - this is your guarantee that production and working conditions are in order, and it also means you are not buying an item that has been halfway around the world to get to you.

We spend a lot of resources on working closely with the companies that produce the components for our footwear. Components for lining and soles, etc., are sustainably certified where possible. This is especially important in relation to the materials that are very close to your skin. However, it also means that you do not leave materials that harm nature when your shoes wear out and have to be thrown away.