New Feet's Shoe Guide


Footwear should be tried on in the afternoon as your feet swell during the day.


Remember socks

Try on the footwear with your normal socks (e.g. compression stockings). If you use insoles, also try the footwear on with them.

The length of the shoe

Shoes should be approx. 1 cm longer than your foot. Feet get longer as you walk.


If the insole can be taken out, you can check that the length fits. The shape must fit your foot, and it must not be too narrow.

Room above the toes

There must be plenty of room above the toes so that the footwear does not press on the toes.

Stable heel cap

The heel cap must fit snugly around the heel and it must be stable.

Closure system

The footwear must have an effective closing system that firmly holds your foot when you walk.

Shock absorption

Soft insole with maximum shock absorption.

Low heal

Low heal - it makes walking easier and less pressure on the forefoot.


There must be no annoying seams inside the footwear. Feel carefully with your fingers.

Both feet

Try the footwear on both feet - there can be a difference in your feet. Walk around the shop.

Regular checks

Be sure to check your footwear at regular intervals. Check if it still fits your feet as your feet change over time.