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    Professional construction

    New Feet design footwear from the orthopaedic tradition: COMFORT & PROTECTION of the motor appartus is the primary goal for our footwear.

    Strobel construction is the name of the princip behind the construction of all our footwear. The Strobel constructionen gives us the possibility to have both stability in the heeel part and flexibility in the forefoot.
    The upper and the midsole are stiched as a glove before the shoe is glued on the outer sole.

    Shock absorption is vital for comfort and protection. For that reason the New Feets lasts are designed to make space for a 6 mm insole of original PPT® inside the footwear.


    Core components:

    PPT® (Professional Protective Technology) is the name for the material we use for schock absorption. The material is developed for the orthopaedic world and is medical rated. It has the best specs regarding elasticity and durability.
    New Feet has the exclusive rights for using it in footwear.
    When we design our footwear we make room for a 6mm insole for the shock absorption. We place the major shock absorption in the insole and not in the outer sole, as we want to place the function as close to the foot as possible. The outersoles has  deen designed for atability - special in the heel area. We use inmoulded shanks (gelenk) in teh outer soles to obtain the preferred stiffness. 

    OnSteam® is our preferred material for lining.
    The material is normally referred to as Technical Leather, as it feels and look much like leather. But it is a micro fibre material, that allows 6 times higher more transport of humidity as leather - and it absorbs moisture very fast.
    The result is more comfort in footwear, that feels dry.
    OnSteam® is anti-bacterial in its structure.
    For people with diabetes OnSteam® has the big advantage, that it will not turn hard and crackle, like leather does by time.
    OnSteam® is free of crome and is produces without damage to the CO2 balance. OnSteam® is OekoTex 100 certified.