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    New Feet Medical Footwear is a Danish footwear company.

    We started up in 2004 on the basis of a project with Bispebjerg Hospital Wound Management Association.

    The project resulted in footwear for patients with foot wounds. The concept was to produce footwear that could be used ”out of the box” or with minor adjustments to restore the patients mobility - as in contrast to the often slowly and expensive process to make handmade orthopedic footwear. The result was a successfull small collection of shoes and sandals for wound patients.

    This first line of professional footwear has formed the basis for the later projects with focus on wellbeing and health for our feet.

    Today New Feet is dedicated to produce footwear that can  be used in treatment, after-treatment and prevention of foot related problems.

    We have decided only to produce our footwear in EU - as a warranty for the consumers, that we have focus on environmental and working conditions. We wish to emphasize that we via the European regulations and norms can be sure that the specifications are respected at all times.

    This focus is not just on the assembly of the footwear - but also on the different components, hides, textiles etc.

    We are very determined to hold on to these positions, that forms our company DNA. It has been our guidelines in the years we have existed - and will remain so in the future.

    New Feet has grown from being a local Danish shoe company to be a growing international brand. We hold on to the basis of our success - by producing footwear with a consumer demand, offered to them by a range af serious and well educated resellers, that are supported by a network in the health sector.