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    New Feet insoles / orthotics

    New Feet offers two types of insoles:
    Protektor® and Korrektor®

    Protektor® is a shockabsorbing insole that protects your joints in legs and feet. 
    We offer two versions: Basic 6 mm and Basic 3 mm.

    Korrektor® is an orthotic that counteracts over-pronation.
    Available in different sizes and hardness (high eller medium density).

    Protektor® Basic is a flat insole, that is featured in most of New Feet footwear.
    It has a 6 mm core of original PPT®.It is also available in a 3 mm version for use in footwear from other brands.
    PPT® is the reference when shockabsorbing is important in the orthopaedic industry - acknowledged for its superior shock absorbing properties.
    Protektor® is lined with OnSteam® - a combination that ensures the best shock absorption and moisture transport.

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    Opposite to the Protektor® insoles, the Korrektor® orthotic has no shock absorbing function - it is a correcting orthotic - counteracting over-pronation.
    Korrektor® is available as 3/4 orthotic in two densities and a special SLIM version, fit for narrow or open footwear.

    The Korreektor® Soft insole features a 3 mm core of original PPT® on a shaped base of EVA in medium density.

    What is over-pronation?
    Over-pronation is a result af a crooked angled foot joint - either congenital or obtained through age and wear.
    The foot joint angles inwards - and it creates pain not only in the foot but also in the leg, knee, hip and back.
    By supporting the arch under the foot most of the inconvenience and pain can be prevented.


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